Date: 30th April 2020

Document ID: 36, 2019-20

From: David Armstrong, General Manager

Ph: 9287 5522 (Office Hours Mon to Fri, 8.30am to 5pm)


Audience: Club Committees


Summary: Clubs to inform their coaches and players of this information.

• Clubs can organise training sessions.

• Players are encouraged to continue training away from their club.

• Playing football, itself remains a prohibited sporting activity.


While the WA Government’s recent decision to ease social distancing restrictions to gatherings of up to 10 people is an encouraging sign in WA, it is important to note that community football remains postponed until May 31st. This includes training sessions at football clubs. Players are encouraged to continue training away from their club, while ensuring they follow the Government’s current social distancing guidelines. Please keep being patient and do not return to your football club at this point in time. The ease of social distancing restrictions does provide an opportunity for clubs to re-engage with players, and achieve appropriate fitness and conditioning for players.

Importantly, playing football, itself remains a prohibited sporting activity. Sharing fitness and sporting equipment such as footballs is prohibited and social distancing guidelines apply.

Clubs intending to organise training should:

1. Stagger its groups of 10 or less training schedules (different start times, different days, different locations). In other words, avoid groups training at the same venue at the same time.

2. Training groups of 10 (includes players, coaches, trainers) must be a consistent group of members with no movement between groups to reduce risk of cross-contamination.

3. Players are encouraged to continue training away from their club. No access to changerooms, gym, wet or inside areas.

4. Training activities will be non-contact (no tackling, bumping, etc).

5. Players responsible for own strapping, if required.

6. Coaches and players must maintain social distancing protocols as outlined by the WA Government at all times.

7. No sharing of equipment, including no footballs, kick to kick. Bring your own water bottle.

COVIDSafe App The League is still hopeful of competition in 2020. However, we are mindful that a member contracting COVID-19 would cease competition immediately. In this situation, tracking infected members is essential to reduce spread through the wider community. Therefore, the League strongly recommends all players, coaches and volunteers intending to train download the COVIDSafe app.